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Our store provides gamers with unique and innovative shopping experience. We’ve combined our online shop with an in-house platform where our team publishes their experiences and results of testing various PC games, draws up ratings and much more. On top of that we operate a gaming community where gamers can exchange their thoughts on games, post their own reviews and take part in polls to vote for their favorite games. Could you imagine all of that gathered on one website? We’ve made this a reality! Make sure to sign up and start making deliberate choices when it comes to purchasing new games. Find the most affordable prices and pick the best deals by PC games providers we’ve gathered for you.


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Top adventure games according to our community poll

1. Destiny 2

Upgrade Edition: 210 kr. Sign up to purchase.

This game has an amazing cinematic story and will let you fully plunge into unraveling the mysteries of the whole solar system. Sky-fi and space lovers will enjoy the game’s plot and adventures gamers encounter while completing thrilling missions to defeat the enemies and save the galaxy. Destiny 2 is a multiplayer game which makes it even more exciting to play and when you get tired of the free version, you can always purchase the Upgrade Edition to add extra thrill, more adventures and other perks to the game.

2. The Forest

100 kr. Sign up to purchase.

This game is more than just an adventure. It’s a real survival simulator. You find yourself alone in the forest after the plane crash. You are the only survivor on board and need to start dealing with all the mysteries the forest holds to survive. You’ll face a lot of exploration, will need to use your building skills to set up a shelter, hunting skills to get food and defend yourself from wild animals and much more!

3. Terraria

60 kr. Sign up to purchase.

Terraria resembles an old-school game that will make you push the boundaries. There is absolutely nothing impossible in it. Travel around in search for the spots where treasures might be found. Dig, get or invent new gear and machinery to make the work go smoother, build, fool your competitors. It’s a perfect game to show all the creativity that you have in store.

4. Euro Truck Simulator 2

141 kr. Sign up to purchase.

Travel and run a business all at the same time being at the wheel of a massive truck. Thousands of roads across the whole Europe, hundreds of challenges and deadlines. Customize your trucks, hire employees to help you and take your business to the top in cargo delivery industry. The game has outstanding graphics and will surely amaze you with its realistic landscapes and cityscapes.

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*we protect the security of your information and never transfer it to third parties

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